New Project – New Mexico, Mexican Archives Records, 1821-1846

The New Mexico, Mexican Archives Records, 1821-1846 project is a combination of records from the New Mexico State Archives.  You may encounter governor’s papers, military and legislative records, judicial proceedings or other records – we are keying name lists and records identified with the word “Pasaporte”.  A good number of the records will be Cover page form types – take time to review the sample images for the Name list, Passport and Cover page form types.   The records are in Spanish and handwritten but I haven’t found one that stumped me.  If you have questions or feedback about this project please post a message on the Discussion page, or the message board or send us an email using the Contact Support link in the upper right corner of the keying tool.

This project is the last Challenge project celebrating Family History Month.  The Challenge will run from October 31-November 1 (MT).

Happy indexing!

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