Challenge winners!

Updated with winners from the 19th.

Here are all of the winners to date:

8 & 9: New South Wales Government Gazettes

  • Top keyer: Jane, USA
  • Top reviewer: Kerrie, AUS

13th: West Yorkshire Quarter Sessions

  • Top keyer: Kathie G, CAN
  • Top reviewer: Erica V, UK

16th: Belfast, Northern Ireland, Newsletter

  • Top keyer: Elizabeth S, CAN
  • Top reviewer: Kate R, UK

19th: New York and Vicinity, United Methodist Church Records

  • Top keyer: Holly T, USA *
  • Top reviewer: ¬†Karen W, USA

*Kathie G was the top keyer with Holly 2nd.


Weekend Warrior Drawing winners:

Weekend 1:

Katie B, USA
Beryl M, UK

Weekend 2:

Jackie W, UK
Donna M, USA

We appreciate all of your contributions!

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