Love Story: How far would you go to be with the one that you love?

Posted by Brian Gallagher on 14 February 2012 in General, Guest Bloggers, Record Collections member and AncestryUK Facebook fan Linda Wilson is a passionate family historian and been researching her ancestors for a few years. Her Valentine’s Day blog post is in memory of her great grandparents whose story tells one of great love and romance.    Sarah Govett was a country girl, born in St Dominic, Cornwall in… Read more

Bastardy Orders & Certificates in Warwickshire Quarter Session Records

Posted by Brian Gallagher on 9 February 2012 in General, Guest Bloggers, Record Collections

Authored and kindly supplied by Robert Eyre, Senior Archivist at Warwickshire County Record Office. Bastardy records are a familiar class of record that can turn up in the parish chest.  They form part of the administrative records of a parish that began with the introduction of the Elizabethan Poor Law. Essentially a parish was responsible… Read more

GUEST BLOGGER: When the burden of battle becomes too much to bear

Posted by Brian Gallagher on 7 February 2012 in General, Guest Bloggers

Guest blogger, member and AncestryUK Facebook fan Rob Arguile is currently a student at the university of Hertfordshire, studying for a degree in Geography. He has been researching his family history since he was 17 years old and discovered a story of inspiration and sadness. This post is a tribute from Rob to his great… Read more

GUEST BLOGGER: My ancestor risked his life for horses

Posted by on 5 January 2012 in Company News, General, Guest Bloggers

Guest blogger Andrew Mills is a passionate family historian and member who discovered this great war story of bravery in his past. My paternal grandfather’s elder brother Bertie Sidney Mills was born during the second quarter of 1874 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Although his father’s occupation was, according to census returns, a clerk of engineers, Sidney… Read more

My story – from the Wild West to starting an online business

Posted by Kelly on 15 December 2011 in Guest Bloggers

By our guest blogger Bryher Scudamore, who is managing director of autodotbiography ltd. I have just put my bank account, my home, life-savings and my future on the line? Why? Is it because there is insanity in my family, and I’ve inherited it? Not as far as I know. But there is adventure, and risk,… Read more

Victorian Christmas Traditions

Posted by Brian Gallagher on 1 December 2011 in General, Guest Bloggers

The Nativity of Christ has been celebrated for centuries and yet most traditional customs were of pagan origin.  There then followed a period where Christmas celebration was almost non-existent due to the condemnation of pagan customs and superstitions during the Protestant Reformation. The Puritans then abolished all public celebrations after the Civil War and Christmas… Read more

Nurses and the wounded in The First World War

Posted by on 13 November 2011 in General, Guest Bloggers, Record Collections

William Spencer is the principal military specialist at The National Archives where he has worked since 1993. He served in the Fleet Air Arm for 13 years, including active service with 848 Squadron in the South Atlantic, and holds an MA from the Department of War Studies at King’s College, London. Although there were a… Read more

GUEST BLOGGER: The horrors suffered by horses during WWI

Posted by Brian Gallagher on 7 November 2011 in General, Guest Bloggers

Guest blogger Natasha Kleanthous is website editor at The Blue Cross animal charity. She reveals more about the role of animals in the First World War. It wasn’t just men who answered the call in 1914 to leave behind the peaceful, rural life they’d always known and enter the unknown to fight for their country.… Read more

GUEST BLOGGER: William Sexton Blake divulges his family history

Posted by Brian Gallagher on 14 September 2011 in Company News, General, Guest Bloggers

Guest blogger William Sexton Blake, family historian and great contributor to the Facebook fan page, offering advice, information of value and lots of humour. My name is William Sexton Blake.  I am 52 years old. I have lived in Chester, Cheshire for 35 years. I was born in Newcastle upon Tyne and my roots are… Read more

My father: a prisoner of war

Posted by Brian Gallagher on 19 August 2011 in General, Guest Bloggers

Guest blogger Midge Gillies, author of The Barbed-Wire University: The Real Lives of Prisoners of War in the Second World War I grew up knowing that my father had been a prisoner of war but it was not until his death that I began to realise that being “in the bag” was about much more… Read more