Updates made to our England & Wales BMD Indexes

Posted by on 17 May 2011 in Company News, General, Record Collections, Site Features

A brief post to let you know that we recently updated the following collections: England & Wales, FreeBMD Birth Index, 1837-1915 England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1915 England & Wales, Death Index: 1916-2005 Like with our Marriage collections earlier this month, the majority of updates focused on updating the County Field to be a more… Read more

Exciting new feature: Ancestry Web Search

Posted by on 13 May 2011 in Company News, General, Record Collections, Site Features

Last October we launched ‘Ancestry Labs’ to test a few of our new ideas and would like to thank all our members who contributed with their fantastic feedback and suggestions.  Today we’re very excited to announce the introduction of one of the ideas, Web Search, into the main Ancestry.co.uk search. Why are we launching Web Search?… Read more

Introducing…The World Memory Project

Posted by on 3 May 2011 in Ancestry World Archives Project, Company News, General, Record Collections

Almost three years ago we started the Ancestry World Archives Project with a vision of involving the genealogy community to make more records accessible and free.  Since that time more than 76,000 of you have helped index over 71 million records!  As collections of records are completed we’ve been putting them online for free for anyone to… Read more

We’re here to help – 7 days a week!

Posted by on 28 April 2011 in Company News, General

We want to help you discover more about your family’s past. To that end, we’re increasing the hours our expert advisers are available to take your calls. From the 1st May, our helpline will be open 7 days a week. We’ve also recently extended the hours we’re available during the week so now, we’ll now… Read more

Marriage Indexes free to search, 21-30 April 2011

Posted by Karen Richardson on 21 April 2011 in Company News, General, Record Collections

You may be aware that there’s a wedding taking place next week on the 29th April. It seems like the whole world is looking forward to Kate and William’s happy day. At the same time, we’re giving you the chance to look back – at equally memorable occasions in your own family’s past. For nine days, from the… Read more

1911 – Your monthly update

Posted by Susan Moncur on 30 March 2011 in Company News, General, Record Collections

Hopefully you remembered to complete your census form on Sunday? The 2011 Census dominated the headlines over the weekend – apparently over one million households completed their returns online, showing just how much life has changed over the past century. We were hoping to have some news of our own to share with you –… Read more

1911 – your monthly update

Posted by Russell James on 24 February 2011 in Company News, General, Record Collections

As we told you last month, we’re going to use this blog to keep you informed of our progress with the 1911 Census, as we work towards having it all online in 2011. This is your second monthly update. Over the past four weeks, we’ve been collecting together the scanned images of the Census pages,… Read more

Who Do You Think You Are? Live – the Big Match!

Posted by Russell James on 11 February 2011 in Company News, General

Just now, our office feels like a sports team’s changing room before a big match – hot with anticipation and excitement. That’s because we’re just two weeks away from the FA Cup Final of the family history world – Who Do You Think You Are? Live! This year’s event is shaping up to be the… Read more

A 1911 update for our members

Posted by on 18 January 2011 in Company News, General, Record Collections

Since releasing the 1911 Census England and Wales Summary Books last December, we’ve been contacted by a number of members who are understandably eager to know when the rest of the 1911 Census will become available on Ancestry.  We’ve already received the original records for the Census and are now hard at work digitising and… Read more

London Historic Property Prices Revealed Online

Posted by on 12 January 2011 in Company News, General, Record Collections

To kick-start the year in style and provide our beloved members with some brand new records, we have launched the London, England, Land Tax Valuations from 1910. Having just a few ancestors who briefly spent time in London, the collection didn’t hold instant appeal for me but as I was going through the records last… Read more