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It’s here – the National Probate Calendar

Posted on 11 August 2010 in Record Collections

Our biggest release of the year officially went online this morning. The National Probate Calendar will help you uncover details of your ancestors’ wealth, social standing and even their hobbies and interests, plus point you in the direction of further family members. It’s now available for everyone to search online for the first time. We’ve… Read more

Who Do You Think You Are? – Monty Don digs up his roots

Posted on 10 August 2010 in General

I thoroughly enjoyed Monty Don’s Who Do You Think You Are? episode last night. Two completely separate strands both came to fascinating conclusions, with real repercussions for Monty’s life today. Monty’s 2x great-grandfather, Charles, seemed like a rather unpleasant chap, didn’t he? Perhaps one of the reasons his parishioners stayed away from his church was… Read more

It’s coming!

Posted on 10 August 2010 in Record Collections

 Get ready – our biggest launch of the year goes online tomorrow. This major new collection will give you a thrilling insight into the lives your ancestors led. Plus, it will point you towards unexplored branches of your family tree. Cancel any plans for the next 48 hours – you don’t want to miss this!

Who Do You Think You Are? – Dervla Kirwan takes an unexpected path

Posted on 3 August 2010 in General

I find Irish history both fascinating and thought-provoking, so I was really looking forward to Dervla Kirwan’s Who Do You Think You Are? episode last night. I have to admit, I found the first half disappointing, as we were largely given a beginners’ guide to the Irish War of Independence and Civil War. Thankfully, things… Read more

Who Do You Think You Are – Rupert Everett goes from riches to rags

Posted on 27 July 2010 in General

Many of you will have heard stories of wealth and prestige in your family. These are great fun to follow up, and often take you in quite unexpected directions. Few of you, though, will have been quite as surprised – and disappointed – by what you found as Rupert Everett, who seemed positively heartbroken to discover he… Read more

Who Do You Think You Are? – Bruce Forsyth digs up success and controversy

Posted on 20 July 2010 in General

On last night’s Who Do You Think You Are?, Bruce Forsyth experienced that rare mix of pride and shame that only family history can provide. His story was unusual, though, in that both the good and the bad came from a single ancestor – the landscape gardener Joseph Forsyth Johnson, who rose to the top… Read more

Who Do You Think You Are? returns!

Posted on 19 July 2010 in General

Who Do You Think You Are? returns to our screens tonight, with an episode dedicated to the nation’s favourite octogenarian, Bruce Forsyth. This Brucie Bonus marks the start of a full series of UK programmes – indeed, the 2010 Who Do You Think You Are? run will be the longest for six years, as nine… Read more

Australian roots?

Posted on 15 July 2010 in Record Collections

A colleague told me an amazing statistic today. Apparently 1 in 3 people in Britain has a link to Australia in their family. I know that British people played a huge part in populating the former colony through the 19th and 20th centuries. Even so, I thought this was astounding – it just shows how easily your roots… Read more

New military records!

Posted on 24 June 2010 in Record Collections

Military records are among our most popular collections. For many family historians, unearthing tales of war heroes is the most rewarding part of their research. So, I thought I should let you know about some fascinating, and extremely useful, additions to our repertoire. First up is a heart-wrenching record set from the Second Boer War.… Read more

New at Ancestry…

Posted on 18 June 2010 in Company News, General

Sorry, I don’t bring news of another exciting record collection. Instead, I thought I should introduce myself. My name is Russell James, and I’m in the midst of my second week working for Ancestry. Some of you may have come across my name before, and indeed I’ve probably spoken to many of you. My previous job… Read more