Past Articles

Find more records with help from the community

Posted on 9 August 2010 in Site Features

AUTHORED BY STEPHANIE CRUZ (FROM ANCESTRY.COM) It’s always fun to find records about your ancestors. It’s even more exciting to discover records that you never knew existed. But how do you find these records when you didn’t even know to look for them? Here’s where the community can help you. Ever notice the Member… Read more

Link photos to sources in your family tree

Posted on 16 July 2010 in Record Collections

AUTHORED BY KENNY FREESTONE (FROM ANCESTRY.COM) You’ve likely heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to creating source citations in your family tree, it is so true.  We have recently added the ability to associate pictures and scanned documents to source citations you have created in your family tree,… Read more

Updated new search homepage, place pages, recent searches & recently viewed collections

Posted on 14 July 2010 in Site Features

AUTHORED BY LAURA DANSBURY (FROM ANCESTRY.COM) We  listened to your feedback and we are updating our search pages (New Search only). We gathered input from members through many sources and consolidated your feedback.  You asked for improved navigation, maps, shortcuts to your favorite data collections, easier access to recent searches and more browsing options. You… Read more

Family Tree Maker: How Do I Do That? (Part 2: Media)

Posted on 29 June 2010 in Family Tree Maker

AUTHORED BY TANA L. PEDERSEN (FROM ANCESTRY.COM) Have you forgotten how to assign a portrait to an individual? Or have you attached a photo to the wrong person and can’t remember how to unlink them? In part 2 of “How Do I Do That?” I’ll give some quick tips to help with your media items.… Read more

Family Tree Maker: How Do I Do That?

Posted on 20 June 2010 in Family Tree Maker

AUTHORED BY TANA L. PEDERSEN (FROM ANCESTRY.COM) Sometimes it’s the easiest tasks that stump us—or is that just me? Whether it’s renaming one of my trees or checking for software updates, I have the tendency to forget how to do some simple procedures unless I do them on a regular basis. Here are some of my… Read more

Unplanned Maintenance on Ancestry Member Trees

Posted on 19 May 2010 in Site Status

We are currently working on unplanned maintenance on the Ancestry Member Trees system. We expect family trees on and its related international sites to be down for an extended period today. Be assured that the Ancestry Member Trees system will be available again as soon as the maintenance is completed. We apologise for any… Read more

Family Tree Maker for the Mac!

Posted on 12 May 2010 in Family Tree Maker

AUTHORED BY TANA L. PEDERSEN (FROM ANCESTRY.COM) It’s finally happening! As an avid Mac user, I’ve always hoped that Family Tree Maker would release a version of the software for the Mac. And it looks like this is my year. announced that a Mac version is planned for release later this year. It will be built… Read more

New Photo Upload Tool

Posted on 11 May 2010 in Site Features

AUTHORED BY KENNY FREESTONE (FROM ANCESTRY.COM) Today we added to the site a new tool to help you quickly and simply upload multiple family history photos and documents at one time. To try this out in your own family tree, you’ll want to click the “add media” or “add photo” links, just as you would… Read more

New search category pages

Posted on 7 May 2010 in Site Features

AUTHORED BY LAURA DANSBURY (FROM ANCESTRY.COM) With feedback and beta testing from members, we’re working on updates to many areas of search. Our newest update enhances the category pages.  The forms themselves on the category pages haven’t changed and will continue to work in the familiar way.  But we’ve made several enhancements in the content surrounding the… Read more

Ancestry Search: Place Filters on New Advanced Search

Posted on 30 April 2010 in Site Features

AUTHORED BY ANNE MITCHELL (FROM ANCESTRY.COM) This year one of the things we are focusing on is adding new ways for you to control what’s returned in your search results. Over the past few months, we have already launched improvements to wildcards, Collection Filters, and Record Type Filters. Earlier this week Tony Macklin announced that… Read more