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We’ve been digging… Mick Fleetwood isn’t the first member of his family to achieve fortune, fame and critical acclaim. Mick is not only related to British royalty, but his 4x great grandmother was Anne Catley – one of the most sought after entertainers of 18th century London.

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Born in Tower Hill in 1745, Catley was singing in local taverns at the age of 10. Renowned for her beautiful voice and stunning good looks, she delighted Georgian society with her talent and simultaneously scandalised it with her working class roots and ‘loose tongue’.

And while Fleetwood Mac fans paid hundreds of pounds for tickets to watch their heroes perform in London this summer, Catley commanded a performance wage of 40 guineas per night, equivalent to £5,000 today.

We also found, some decidedly blue blood in the drummer’s family tree. His 2x great- uncle Robert Jenner was the High Sherriff of Glamorgan in 1827 while his 6x great grandfather Edward Lascelles was also Princess Diana’s 9x great-grandfather on Edward Spencer’s side.

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