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We’ve been running our ‘Boxes’ TV ads for a while now. I’m sure most of you have seen them – with the animated vines and leaves, and the iconic Ancestry box.

One of the key phrases in these ads is ‘Exploring your family’s past has never been easier’. I’ve always been delighted that this line made it into the ads, as for me making it easier for people is one of the real joys of working at

I started working in family history just as the first census records were going online.  Since then, we’ve gone from a situation where only those with enough money, time and dedication could discover their ancestors, to one where anybody can do it, mostly from the comfort of their own home. I’ve loved being a part of that transformation.

I typed in a name…

As another line from the TV ad says, getting started is as simple as typing your name and date of birth. You then move on to your parents and other close relatives, and before you know it you have the beginnings of a family tree.

We’ll then start giving you Ancestry Hints, to point you towards more information about your relatives in our records. We’ll help you discover where they lived, how they worked, and all the most important stories from their lives. Better yet, we’ll flag more and more ancestors, so you can keep growing your family tree all the way back to Tudor times.

If you haven’t tried yet, I urge you to give it a go this bank holiday weekend. We’ll give you 14 days free to see how you can get.

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Authored by Russell James – family historian

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