A token gives up its secrets

Posted by Emma on 17 April 2013 in General, Guest Bloggers

I have been exploring the records of the Foundling Hospital since the 1980s – and still enjoy every minute of the time I spend on them. Recent work on tokens that parents left at the Hospital with their babies as identifiers 250 years ago shows that the system in place was a simple one and… Read more

The Results….Easter Weekend

Posted by Emma on 3 April 2013 in Ancestry Advocates, General, Guest Bloggers

Last weekend,  I wrote about looking for a character in my tree that I was struggling with. I spent some much-needed time over the Bank Holiday researching him. As a reminder this is what I knew of him. Alexander Cumberbatche paid to become a Freeman of the City of Bristol on 17th May 1618. He… Read more