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Authored by Richard Haines. Richard provides a photograph restoration service called Photographs Forever.

When researching our family trees we often find old photographs that we treasure, whether they are old family photographs passed on from previous generations or complete family photograph albums.  These are probably the most important possessions that we have to relive our precious memories and to remember our loved ones.Unfortunately photographs don’t age well and over time their quality deteriorates. Because photos are printed on paper, things such as handling, light, moisture, dust, and scratches often affect them. Regrettably, these factors can ruin our photos and prevent them from being fully enjoyed and lasting through future generations.Poor storage, such as keeping photos in attics or basements or allowing photos to be exposed to sunlight, have all contributed to the poor condition of most of our photo collections.

Here are some examples of the improvements that can be achieved with digital photograph restoration

It is a very good idea to restore, or at least scan, your special photographs or even your entire photo collection in order to stop the unavoidable destruction that will take place no matter how carefully the photos are stored. Once you have digital copies you needn’t worry about further damage because digital images do not change at all and can be stored on your computer or a CD.

Another great advantage of having those special photographs restored is that they can be enlarged and framed and can then be constantly be enjoyed. You will also have the advantage of being able to share the images with other members of your family and friends. A copy of the family album or a framed print is a great present to give other members of the family.There are many restoration techniques that are used to improve the quality of the original photograph – for example
– Removal of spots, stains, marks, tears,
– Improvement of contrast, brightness, colour balance
– Enhance detail, focus and sharpness.

It is also possible to combine photographs, invisibly delete items or people from photographs and use different effects such as adding colour to black and white photographs.

Richard Haines

As a result of restoring my own family photographs, I now provide a photograph restoration service called Photographs Forever so that as many others as possible can enjoy all the benefits of photograph restoration. Having identified a resurgence of public interest for nostalgia and starting work on my own family tree using, the demand for high quality restoration and retouching services continues to grow. Photographs Forever restores all images using highly specialised digital techniques and, using archive paper, images produced today will last over 100 years with no signs of deterioration.

So don’t delay – check out the condition of your photographs now and be sure to save those that you don’t want to lose. For more information visit

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