Posted by on 20 March 2012 in General, Record Collections

Avid blogger and lover-of-all-things-vintage Sarah Hurley came to us recently, letting us know that she was on the verge of starting to research her family history, using, and was going to document her journey into her past on her blog.  We were intrigued! We wanted to know more because, not only do we always love hearing about people’s genealogical findings, but we are always interested in hearing from people new to Ancestry.  
Now, we’re inviting you to join us on Sarah’s journey into her past as she encounters her ancestors for the first time, stumbles into brick walls and discovers lurking skeletons.  She will be scrapbooking and documenting everything along the way, as well as sharing her tips and tricks, so you can follow along with your own family history. 

All this will be on her blog – To read her first blog post about it click here and her next one is due up in a few days so stay tuned!
Happy hunting Sarah!