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It’s the penultimate day of our 15 minutes with 15 collections’ countdown! Today, we’ve made our 1901 England Census , completely free for everyone to use. It’ll only stay that way until tomorrow, so don’t miss your chance.

The 1901 Census provides a snapshot of Britain at the turn of the century, showing entire family groups and revealing crucial details about our ancestors’ lives. The records reveal a changing nation, as people were slowly coming to terms with the effects of the Industrial Revolution. As well as the usual names, ages and addresses, this census provides extra information on each person’s working habits.

Of course, the easiest way to find individual ancestors is to use our search options. However, once you’ve one family group it’s a good idea to browse forwards and backwards through the census pages. This will show you who was living nearby – which could be extremely useful, as relatives tended to find homes close to each-other. To browse, simply click the left and right arrows to the top-right of the record image.

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* Each collection will become available to search for free from 7am BST on the relevant day.  All collections will be available to search until 12 midnight BST on 15 October 2011.  To view these records you will need to register for free with with your name and email address.