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Did you know that you can share your member tree with friends and family for free? Send them an email invitation and they can see your tree once they register for an account. A subscription is not required for them to see your tree.

A new and easier way to share your tree

With our release last week, we’ve made it easier to invite people to your tree. You can now import your contact list from Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail, and AOL accounts to quickly select people you want to send an invitation to. You can still type in individual email addresses if you’d like, but by importing your contact list you can save a little time and effort trying to remember your cousin’s email address.

How to invite friends and family to see your tree

From your tree, click on the “Share your tree” link in the “Tree pages” menu next to your tree name.

From the share pop-up window, you’ll have several options for inviting people to your tree. From the left hand column, you can choose to type in email addresses one-by-one, invite members if you know their username, or import your contact list from your email account.

Selecting people from your imported contact list

When you choose to import your contact list, you will be asked to connect to your email account. Once you log into your email account and give us permission to access your account, we will import your contact list so that you can choose who you want to invite to see your tree.

To protect your privacy, we never store your username or password. And we only save the contact information for people you have invited to your tree. Once you finish sending your invitations, your entire contact list is erased (unless you invite everyone on your list).

Once your contact list is imported, select the people you want to invite to your tree. We don’t send an invitation to your full contact list. We only send it to the people you’ve selected from your list.

Setting roles before you send your invitation

You can choose roles to control what you will allow your friends and family to work on in your tree. Each person with whom you want to share your tree will have a drop down menu next to their name.

  • Choose “Editor” if you want to give your cousin full access to add and edit people in your tree.
  • Choose “Contributor” if you want your cousin to add photos but not change any facts in your tree.
  • Choose “Guest” if you don’t want your cousin to have any rights except to see your tree.

When you’re finished, click the orange button to share your tree and we will send your friends and family an email invitation.

Managing your invitations

To go back to the list of people you’ve invited to your tree, you can visit the sharing tab in your tree setting page. You can find this link under the “Tree pages” menu.

Sharing your tree is a great way to get your family involved and have them help you fill it in!