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In this month’s issue of Updated one of our resident Ask the Experts Chris Paton answers some puzzling questions.

Chris Paton is an expert in English, Scottish and Irish family and runs the Scotland’s Greatest Story research service. This month he solves a puzzling census mystery and explains how a missing maiden name can be found.

Other features in this month’s Updated include details of a new naval collection of WWI records, details of 4 new Irish collections and some invaluable tips of how to get the best out of your online tree.

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Jean O'Cain Foster 

Family history, by legend and documents say my O’Cain (Caithain) forebears were from Coeraine N> Ireland, defeated the O’Connors at one time and allied withthe O’Neills…probably by marriage as well as by Clan, The coat of arms was on silver, with large oak tree and three red fish. Motto was old latin: a stroked cat is gennle.
The headdress with closed helmet was of a wild cat holding a red glove..or the hand of ULSTER!!

13 April 2011 at 2:48 am