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One of my favourite enhancements in Family Tree Maker 2011 is the ability to add photos and embellishments to charts—anywhere I want. It’s a simple thing, but the result is beautiful family trees I can’t wait to share. You can use your own backgrounds, borders, and embellishments (basically any image file on your computer) or take advantage of the design elements included in Family Tree Maker 2011.

When I created a pedigree chart for my grandmother (shown below), I only wanted to include a photo of her. In previous versions of Family Tree Maker, if I wanted my grandmother’s photo to appear in the chart, I would have had to display portraits for everyone in the tree. With 2011, I can insert only her portrait and drag it anywhere on the chart. I also used flourishes (included in Family Tree Maker) to decorate the chart’s title.

In this next example, I have created a portrait tree. I started with standard pedigree tree and deleted all the included facts so I that the tree would display only pedigree lines. I then added a tree image for the background and added portraits for three generations of my ancestors.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with all of the decorative family trees I’ve made (there are only so many my family will allow on the walls), but I sure have had a good time creating them. For any of you who have been wanting to creating a family poster or just want an attractive way to display your family tree in your home, I think you’ll enjoy this new enhancement.

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