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Today we launched online 60 million U.S school and college yearbook records, which include a host of wonderfully rich information on students from high schools, junior highs, academies, colleges, and universities from almost every US state from 1875 to 1988.  This includes information on the subjects they took, school activities and even photographs

Out of curiosity we searched for our favourite American celebrities and found the records of Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Will Smith, and Nicolas Cage, as well as many others. There are some great photographs included within the records, including one of Sandra Bullock dancing with her then high school sweetheart.

Having been educated in the UK, I’ve always been intrigued to know what school life was like for people in the U.S. and how the education systems differ.  Because of this, when I first heard the news that we were publishing 60 million school and college yearbook records I was delighted.  My father is from Ann Arbor, Michigan, so I’m in the process of looking for my American relatives’ school records but keep getting distracted by other records in the collection as they are all so interesting!

The U.S. School Yearbook collection  is a fantastically rich archive and I would recommend even if you don’t have any links with the U.S that you spend a little time looking through the records as they are so personal and  offer a true glimpse into everyday life in American schools.

The U.S. School Yearbook collection is available to Worldwide members only.

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