Posted by on 9 August 2010 in Site Features


It’s always fun to find records about your ancestors. It’s even more exciting to discover records that you never knew existed. But how do you find these records when you didn’t even know to look for them?

Here’s where the community can help you. Ever notice the Member Connect panel when you’re looking at a record image? We show you other members who have saved the record you’re viewing to their tree so that you can check out their research and contact them.

Last week we released an enhancement to the Member Connect panel. If members have saved the record you’re viewing to someone in their tree, we’ll now show you other records they have saved to the same person in their tree. We show you both the name of the record and how many people have saved it to their tree. Look through the list of records saved by the other members and you may discover an elusive record you could never find– or never thought to look for.

Don’t see other records?

If no one else has saved the record you’re viewing or no one else has saved other records for this person to their tree, then this new section won’t appear in the Member Connect panel.

If you don’t see the Member Connect panel on the page, it’s likely because you have it collapsed. You can open the panel by clicking on the arrow button on the right side of the screen.