Posted by on 9 July 2010 in General
The UK team

The team and one of our fences

Yesterday was our inaugural volunteer day where the UK office decamped to Osterley Park, a National Trust property in west London, to provide our fence painting services.
We have been working with the National Trust since March and hope to combine our historical resources and expertise to raise awareness of conserving our shared UK heritage.  As part of the partnership we will also be supporting the National Trust’s work since as a charitable institution the Trust relies on donations and membership fees.
After donning our protective clothing (hand painted T shirts for some, white jump suits for others) we spent the day painting the railings in the park first with a grey undercoat and then with a black top coat.
During our lunch break we were able to have a tour of the beautiful neo-classical house. Osterley was created in the late 18th century, by architect and designer Robert Adam, and was once described as ‘the palace of palaces’ and there are some very interesting exhibitions in the cellars including one about how the property was used during the Second World War.
Then it was back to work after lunch to finish our railings. I’ve included some photographs of the UK team hard at work. By the end of the day we’d covered quite a distance and were very pleased with our handiwork!

Karen and Olivier painting

Myself and our Managing Director Olivier Van Calster

Working hard

The whole team working hard