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With feedback and beta testing from members, we’re working on updates to many areas of search. Our newest update enhances the category pages.  The forms themselves on the category pages haven’t changed and will continue to work in the familiar way.  But we’ve made several enhancements in the content surrounding the forms.  The new features you’ll see include:

  • A revised introduction to explain the category
  • The ability to narrow your search to a subcategory
  • Featured data collections to help you find more content
  • More help information
  • More background information about category topics
  • Sample images
  • Search tips

Below is an example of the new Birth, Marriage &  Death category page.  We have updated all of our category pages in a similar style.   You can find them by hovering over the search button and clicking on the links in the drop down or by scrolling below the search form on the search homepage.

Birth,  Marriage & Death category page

Here’s a bit more information about each area of the category pages.

Narrow by category

If you are looking for more specific records such as Marriage and Divorce records, now you can narrow your search by clicking on the ”narrow by category” links on the right column. These links let you further narrow your search to a smaller set of records.

Featured data collections

If you want to try browsing into a collection or search specific collections, this area gives you links to popular and updated data collections.  Seeing the featured data collections may also give you new ideas about what to search for next.

More help

If you need some ideas, the help links can lead you to new search strategies or help explain a new record type.

Sample Images

If you are not sure what to expect from a category record, you can see a sample image to get you started.  Even if your ancestors are not in some of these categories of records, you can see some records for famous people to help you understand what the categories contain.

Search Tips

Read this section to get tips that can lead you to more relevant search results.  This section is designed for both new and experienced genealogists.

Access to Category pages from New Search Homepage

These new category pages are just the beginning of updates and new features on search.  You can see a  preview of more updates on our microsite.

I really hope you like the revised category pages, available in new search only, and find them informative and easy to use.

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It seems though that whenever I enter a search the ‘predictive location list’ has been changed. IE Before was ‘Leeds, Yorkshire, England’ now its ‘Leeds, England, United Kingdom’. This messes up the search results as most of the census etc mention the county, not the UK. Why has this been changed, now we have to type in every single search.

19 May 2010 at 8:03 pm