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Whilst whiling away some time over the Easter weekend I was very excited to discover that my Great Great Great Great Grandfather was born in Eastington in Gloucestershire, which is where I am getting married in July!

I knew that many of my relatives on that side of the family were from Bristol but not that this family were from the small village of Eastington. Our wedding venue Eastington Hall was built in 1815, and my ancestor Samuel Edward Chase was born in Eastington in 1831, so I find it quite thrilling that he could well have seen the Hall in its early years.

Samuel and his family didn’t live in Eastington for long as some of his younger siblings were born elsewhere. However, the village seems to have made an impression on the family as Samuel’s elder brother John, named his house in Birmingham Eastington House, where I’ve found him in the 1871 census.

These discoveries have inspired me to try to find out more about the family and I have found a lot more records for the family on the site including one in the City and County Directories collection. I have also joined my first family history society, the Gloucestershire Family History Society, as they have some transcribed parish baptism records for the village – fingers crossed I can find out a little more about the Chase’s in Eastington.

There seem to be more and more modern day links with my family history as I go on, which I love. More of these at a future date…

Eastington Hall

 Eastington Hall, circa 1900

 Eastington Hall, 2009