Posted by on 6 April 2010 in Family Tree Maker


I learned an important lesson early on when I was researching my Danish ancestors: Novling is not the same as Nøvling. In fact, there is no place called Novling in all of Denmark. You may be wondering how I made this mistake. Perhaps it was inexperience. Or maybe good old arrogance. I just assumed that an Anglicized version of a location or name was just as good as the native version. Turns out I was wrong.

Once I figured out my mistake (turns out the “slashed o” is its own letter in the Danish alphabet) and entered the name correctly, I was able to find Nøvling on a map and even view it virtually through Bing maps. Now you won’t catch me ignoring foreign characters. And hopefully you don’t either.

In Family Tree Maker 2009 and 2010, it’s easy to enter foreign characters. Simply place your cursor in the field where you want the character to appear. Then in the Edit menu, choose Insert Symbol. The Symbol window appears. Highlight the character you want and click Insert.

TIP   And if you find you need a character that isn’t on the Family Tree Maker symbol list, don’t worry. You can use the Character Map utility that comes with Windows. You can access it in your Accessories folder under System Tools.