Posted by on 24 March 2010 in General

I have had my tree on for a long time now and have always enjoyed adding records and stories about my ancestors. Recently however I discovered yet another reason why I love trees – Member Connect.

A while back I noticed that someone had saved some of my photos to their own family tree. As it was a private tree I couldn’t see the family connection so I contacted the person through the Messages feature. She invited me to view her tree and we’ve since shared lots of information about our respective family members – from names and dates to stories and photos.  We had both found records that the other had not, which we have since shared.  So not only are we personally linked, but we have new records attached to our trees.  

Last week however I realised the true value of being in touch with others also researching your family, when my contact emailed me a link to the Wiltshire County website. There I found some folk songs that my Great Great Grandfather had contributed to a collection! I knew that he played the fiddle but it was amazing to see the song lyrics of songs that he actually sang all those years ago! I love the fact that I can now imagine him singing Lass with the jet braided hair and We’ll chase the buffalo.
I would never have searched where my contact had thought to, and would therefore never have seen my ancestor’s songs, had it not been for her. I shared the exciting findings with my Grandmother and her sister, and they were delighted, especially as their memories of their grandfather were so vague.  

I think I’m now going to start contacting more people directly when I find a match with Member Connect  because that personal connection provides opportunities to discover a wealth of information! 

Have you made an exciting new discovery through Member Connect? If so we would love to hear from you so please share your story on the blog.