Ancestry welcomes NewCo. to our San Francisco office next week

Posted by Camille Penrod on October 1, 2015 in DNA, Inside our Offices, Technology Conferences

Once again, Ancestry was selected as a 2015 NewCo. SF host company. Come join us at our San Francisco office on Tuesday, October 6 from 3:00-4:00 pm PT to hear from Cathy Petti, Chief Health Officer and Stephen Baloglu, Senior Director of Marketing for DNA and Health. In this session titled “Spit and Discover— Get… Read more

Ancestry Opens Its Doors for NewCo.SF

Posted by Melissa Garrett on September 8, 2014 in Technology Conferences

Ancestry was selected as a 2014 NewCo.SF host company. Come join us at our San Francisco office on Thursday, Sept. 11 at 4:30pm PT to hear from Eric Shoup, EVP of Product at He will provide an inside look at the unique and meaningful business of family history and the tech, science, and product… Read more

Data Driven: Presentation on the Journey to Self-Serve Analytics

Posted by Adam Davis on September 5, 2014 in Analytics, Technology Conferences

Data analytics and visualization is everywhere we turn. We find it in websites, newspaper articles, smartphone apps, and more.  With so many options for data tools it can seem overwhelming at times to know what will work and what won’t for your data goals.  At we constantly evolve to find or create the tools… Read more

XX+UX happy hour at with guest speaker Erin Malone

Posted by Ashley Schofield on July 21, 2014 in Inside our Offices, Technology Conferences, UX

A career journey is a curvy path that usually takes unexpected turns, and as a designer in the growing field of UX, it’s sometimes a struggle to find the right environment to foster great design discussions with fellow UXers. One of the things I’ve enjoyed most at is the great team who have helped… Read more to Present at Hadoop Summit

Posted by Bill Yetman on May 27, 2014 in Technology Conferences

Interest in direct-to-consumer DNA testing has grown dramatically in the past few years. When you’re measuring more than 700,000 DNA markers for each individual, how do you analyze all that data across a rapidly growing database, while providing actionable results for your customers? At the Hadoop Summit next week,

Utah Code Camp 2014 – A Success for Tech Team and Whole Community

Posted by Mitchell Harris on March 20, 2014 in C#, CSS/HTML/JavaScript, Technology Conferences

Utah Code Camp 2014 came and went this weekend. More than 850 people attended and with more than 70 sessions, it was the largest code camp in Utah history. Thanks to Pat, Craig, Nate, and Kerry  of Utah Geek Events for putting it all on. participated in a pretty big way. In addition to the… Read more to Lead Core Conversation at SXSW

Posted by Melissa Garrett on March 6, 2014 in Big Data, Technology Conferences

Headed to SXSW Interactive? Join EVP of Product, Eric Shoup and Senior Director of Product at Tableau, Francois Ajenstat, for an engaging Core Conversation about how using big data can tell personalized stories. Big Data is a game changer for storytelling. Too often, the data we pull is cold, factual and dehumanized. Technologies can now… Read more to Present in Advanced Hacking Session at RSA Conference 2014

Posted by Qinglin Jiang on February 24, 2014 in Technology Conferences

Nowadays security vulnerabilities are often published in a short, vague and incomplete way. We can hardly tell what the vulnerability is, what consequence it has, and what could mitigate it. This presentation will help uncover the details of a vulnerability and show you how to use decompiling tools to find the vulnerable code, how to… Read more

Video Q&A with Lead Engineer at

Posted by Melissa Garrett on February 21, 2014 in Big Data, CSS/HTML/JavaScript, DNA, Technology Conferences

Jeremy Pollack, a lead engineer at, answers questions on the technical backend of AncestryDNA in a video interview with InfoQ. The interview took place after his presentation with Bill Yetman on scaling AncestryDNA using Hadoop and HBase at QConSF in 2013. Check it out! Gets Hands-On With API Design at RootsTech Innovators Summit

Posted by Harold Madsen on February 3, 2014 in API, Technology Conferences

When it comes to API interface design, do your software engineers have a design touch or feel? Many engineers do not. Without training and proper aesthetic feel, your APIs might end up quite awkward or even a bit messy. Good API design is something that most engineers are not born with but with proper training,… Read more