Creating Random Data for Testing

Posted by Anders on June 12, 2013 in C#, CSS/HTML/JavaScript, Testing

In my experience, tests that emulate real-world usage and use real-world data, find more relevant bugs, convey intent more clearly, and exercise the system under test more thoroughly than tests that do not. Consider testing a cab service to assert that a given vehicle arrives at its destination: cabService.SendVehicleToDestination(vehicle, destination); Assert.AreEqual(vehicle.Location, destination); Now, it shouldn’t Read More

Creating Consistent Coding Standards

Posted by Jeff Lord on May 7, 2013 in CSS/HTML/JavaScript

One of the key initiatives that our front-end development (FED) team has been tasked with at is to help define, develop, document, implement, and enforce a global set of CSS/HTML standards for the organization. The fact that our team is in the business of creating standards (laws) and working to enforce (govern) them makes Read More