About Sam Smith

Sam Smith is a Senior Software Engineer at Ancestry.com, where his team builds and maintains the search user interface. In the past, he was the lead developer for the "iPB-Nexus" and "Stomp Shop" iOS apps, built a centralized security management console called the Symantec Protection Center, and worked for a video banking company on a product called the Personal Teller Machine. He received his B.S. of Computer Science degree from BYU in 2007.

Past Articles

Reinventing Search with Smart Filtering

Posted on May 30, 2014 in Search

Last summer Ancestry.com introduced a new but lesser known feature called “Smart Filtering”.  Smart Filtering is a technology that applies only when searching for someone in one of your trees.  When you search for someone in your tree, a lot more data becomes available to the search engine including life events (birth, marriage, death, etc…),… Read more