Lincoln Cannon

Lincoln leads the Story Engineering department at He has more than fifteen years of professional experience as a software engineer, Internet marketer, information technologist, and leader of technical teams in development and integration of web, mobile and management information systems. He holds degrees in business administration and philosophy. Lincoln is married to a French national, has three bilingual children, and speaks French at home. In his spare time, he enjoys eating out at restaurants with family and friends, watching science fiction and action movies, reading and writing philosophy, debating just about anything controversial, playing board and video games, hiking and backpacking in deserts and mountains, and touring new places around the world.

Imagine Future Technology for Family History Simulations

Posted by Lincoln Cannon on November 19, 2013 in Development, Machine Learning, Science is a technology company that knows family history – not just a family history company, and not even a family history company that just happens to use technology. Technology, and particularly computing, is essential to our mission to help everyone discover, preserve and share family history. Without it, we could still tell family stories Read More