About Alex Greenspan

Alex Greenspan was an intern for the Guidance team at Ancestry.com. She created a prototype for an easier way to explore record hints on the All Hints page, which will be implemented on the live Ancestry.com site. Among her other roles, she worked on unit tests and automation tests, as well as conducted research into the algorithm of the relationship calculator that can be seen on the upcoming side panel feature for Trees. Alex is going to be a third-year Computer Science and Cognitive Science double major at UC Berkeley in the fall. She’s taking baby steps toward saving the world. This involves a lot of photography and “creative brainstorming,” aka, post-it notes.

Past Articles

Ancestry.com Great Summer Experience for San Francisco Interns

Posted on August 14, 2013 in ASP.NET, C#, Interns

Picture: May 2013. Fog ever-present on the San Francisco skyline. College students sweating through their finals. And then, a light in the distance. Green, like the light hovering out past Gatsby’s dock. But this green is actually the Ancestry.com leaf, representing the new family that awaits four eager UC Berkeley students once they embark on… Read more