Foundations for a Platform: Infrastructure Worthy of DevOps

Posted by Daniel Sands on July 31, 2013 in DevOps

In the IT industry today, Virtualization is one of the hottest buzzwords around. It seems like everyone uses, supports, provides tools for, and/or sells something that has “virtual” in its name. Virtualization is a fun concept that has a lot of interesting ideas floating around it, but at its core, Virtualization is nothing more than Read More

Hiring: First Test Then Assess

Posted by Jeff Lord on July 25, 2013 in CSS/HTML/JavaScript

Hiring awesome people who are also talented developers is often times easier said than done. Having grown tired of sifting through endless resumes and conducting countless mind numbing interviews with unqualified applicants, our team has uncovered the filtering power of a FED (front-end development) specific assessment test. While some like to schedule time during the Read More

Image Processing at – Part 6: Auto-Sharpening

Posted by Michael Murdock on July 17, 2013 in Image Processing and Analysis

This post is the sixth in a series about the Image Processing Pipeline (IPP). The IPP is the part of the content pipeline that is responsible for digitizing and processing the millions of images we publish to our site.  The core functionality of the IPP is illustrated in the following diagram. In this post I continue with the material from Read More

Let DevOps be DevOps…Nothing More Nothing Less

Posted by John Esser on July 12, 2013 in Continuous Delivery, DevOps

I recently attended DevOps Days in Santa Clara, a two-day conference/event focused on the DevOps culture and practices.  Even though the conference is in its fourth year, you still get talks about what DevOps is and what it means. The term “DevOps” is relatively new movement in the software development industry.  Patrick Debois, a sysadmin/developer, Read More

Creating a Dynamic NAnt Fileset

Posted by Geoff Rayback on July 3, 2013 in Continuous Delivery, DevOps

Every once in a while when building NAnt targets you will come across the desire to create a <fileset> which is defined at runtime.  Maybe you’d like to define the <fileset> as a property in a previous target or a calling target and have it be used in a subsequent task.  For example we have a Read More