Using Hive and HBase to Query and Maintain Mutable Data

Posted by Xuyen On on May 23, 2013 in Big Data

Hive is good at querying immutable data like log files. These are files that do not change after they are written. But what if you want to query data that can change? For example, users of our site frequently make modifications to their family trees. Some of this data sits in very large and frequently Read More

Testing, Code Coverage, and Other Ways You Could Be Wasting Time

Posted by Anders on May 22, 2013 in C#, Testing

I’ll be the first to say that testing and code metrics can improve software quality and increase productivity, but an overzealous application of either could incur a heavy cost.Tests are code, code is overhead, and while some overhead is necessary and even advisable, overhead is debt and should be minimized whenever possible.There is no perfect Read More

Android is fragmented – and that’s OK!

Posted by Matt Peterson on May 15, 2013 in Mobile Development

Much has been written about fragmentation in Android – the fact that there’s a practically limitless variety of screen sizes, shapes and resolutions available on devices running the Android operating system as well as many different versions of the Android OS running on those devices. In addition there are devices running highly-customized versions of Android Read More

Creating Consistent Coding Standards

Posted by Jeff Lord on May 7, 2013 in CSS/HTML/JavaScript

One of the key initiatives that our front-end development (FED) team has been tasked with at is to help define, develop, document, implement, and enforce a global set of CSS/HTML standards for the organization. The fact that our team is in the business of creating standards (laws) and working to enforce (govern) them makes Read More