Technical Management at the Right Level

Posted by Christopher Bradford on April 23, 2013 in Technical Management

As is often the case with technical managers, I started out as a software engineer, and miss the experience of day-to-day coding. I became a team lead and then “officially” moved into the ranks of management as I took responsibility for multiple development teams. As I considered how to be more aware of how these Read More

Adventures in Big Data: How do you start?

Posted by Bill Yetman on April 20, 2013 in Big Data

A little over 8 months ago, I was asked to build a data mining cluster at Ancestry using Hadoop. Even though Ancestry has been using Hadoop for nearly 3 years, this was my first exposure to the technology and the company’s initial attempt to collect everything. Honestly, I did not know where or how to start. Read More

Image Processing at – Part 1: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Posted by Michael Murdock on April 10, 2013 in Image Processing and Analysis

  Images of original historical records play a key role in the way presents family history information to the user. An image of a historical record is much more than evidentiary support for some family history assertion. An image can become the anchor for an engaging and compelling historical narrative. A properly captured and Read More FIFA 2013 Championship

Posted by Liam Molloy on April 4, 2013 in Inside our Offices

It is an old cliché, but here at we like to work hard and play hard. This February marked the first FIFA championships hosted by our Dublin Ireland office in our dedicated XBOX suite. Sixteen participants competed for glory in the singles contest whilst eight teams competed in our doubles contest. After one Read More

Acceptance Testing at

Posted by Seng Lin Shee on April 2, 2013 in Agile, Behavioral Driven Development, Testing

What Are Acceptance Tests? Many developers are confused with the jargon used by test and software engineers when developing tests. Even test developers (TE/SET/SDET) are confused with these terms. In general, test suites occur in the following varieties: Unit tests Integration tests End-to-end tests To add to the confusion, there are: Functional tests Acceptance tests Read More