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Three Sisters Meet for the First Time Ever on a British Airways Flight

Texas native Ann Burrage wanted to find out if she had any Native American heritage. So she took an AncestryDNA test. Her discovery was shocking: She and her sister Lynn had another sibling they never knew about –  in England. The story of their reunion is one of the most unlikely family reunions ever. A World War II Story Read More

How the Ice Cream Man Became an American Icon

It’s a timeless American ritual: the distant chime of an ice cream truck, a stampede of sneakers on hot sidewalks, and sticky fingers gripping frozen treats. For a century, the ice cream man has been among the most popular faces in the neighborhood. Let’s take a look at the history of how the ice cream Read More

6 Olympic Moments When You Just Had to Cheer for the Other Team 

We all love to cheer for our home country during the Olympics. But there are certain moments when the feats are so impressive or the odds overcome so high that we can’t help but cheer for other countries. Here are 6 unbelievable moments in Olympic history when we (or our ancestors) just had to cheer for “the other team.” 1. The Read More

What’s the Most Popular Baby Name in Your State?

Names like John and Mary have long been staples in the United States, at least since 1880. But name popularity varies by year. If you were a child of the 1980s, you might very well be named Jessica, Ashley, Christopher, or Michael, or have a lot of friends with those names on your Facebook feed. Read More

Left in Cardboard Boxes, Sisters Find Each Other 50 Years Later

Tammy and Liz are as close as two sisters can get. They have children who are the same age, share many interests, and even finish each other’s sentences. But there is one detail that sets them apart from most: Their mother abandoned them both as infants, leaving them in cardboard boxes. Fifty years later, they were finally reunited, Read More

Eva Longoria’s Surprising DNA Test

Many Americans are used to describing their heritage in terms of fractions — half this, a quarter that, an eighth of the other. But if you asked actress and producer Eva Longoria about her identity, she’d say “Texican,” to describe her Mexican-American family from Corpus Christi, Texas. When she took a DNA test for the Read More

What Does Your Last Name Say About You?

Last names weren’t widely used in England until after the Norman conquest in 1066. But as the population grew, people adopted surnames to help tell folks apart.

Five Myths About Your Surname

Our last names can tell us so much about ourselves. They provide a way to connect our present to the past and give us more insight into how our families formed, moved and experienced what they did. While there’s a lot about our last names we do know, there are certain myths and legends that Read More

The Secret to Finding Long Lost Relatives is in Your Family’s DNA

Go back a few generations in most American families, and you’ll find roots abroad. And even in this country, most of us have branches of our family with which we’ve lost touch over the years. With AncestryDNA, a simple test can help you discover family you never new you had. Whether it’s a cousin in Chicago or an a relative in Germany, it’s never Read More