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5 Questions to Ask About Your Ancestry at Your Next Holiday Dinner

The holidays bring families together, which means there’s no better time to explore your family tree and learn more about your heritage. Your search can only improve by arming yourself with answers only relatives can provide. So after the dishes are done and you cut a slice of dessert, don’t forget to grab a notebook Read More

Holiday Reunion? 6 Ways to Get Kids Interested in Their Family Tree

One of genealogy’s greatest rewards can come from imagining your ancestors at a particular point in history. But kids might need a little help tying their present lives to the past. With the holidays coming up, households everywhere will be filled with multiple generations. It’s the perfect time to get your kids interested in their Read More

Invite the Ancestors to Your Holiday Dinner

Looking for ways to to make this holiday season one the whole family will remember? Here are four ideas for making your holiday gathering even more special this year. You’ll need to do a little planning ahead, but the payoff will be worth it! 1. Sketch out a family tree that goes back a few Read More

How to Tap Into Your Family’s Holiday Traditions

One great way to get your children thinking about their family’s history is to interview older family members about their own holiday traditions when they were young. And there’s no better time than when everyone’s together for the holidays. The time is right; so is the setting and the ambience. And it’s a fun, satisfying Read More

Why an AncestryDNA Kit Is the Perfect Holiday Gift

Are you looking for a unique, personal gift to give this holiday season? Something that helps someone make incredible discoveries about themselves and shows your interest in them and their journey? With over 1.2 million people tested, an AncestryDNA kit can help you discover more stories than ever. It has linked long-separated siblings and helped Read More

The Amazing Story of Demi Lovato’s War Hero Grandfather

International singing star Demi Lovato has fought a few battles of her own. That fighting spirit may run in the family. Even though her father, Patrick Lovato, died estranged from his daughter in 2013, he left her a legacy that places her family in the crucible of at least two wars. Military and other records Read More

Trace Your Family History Using These 3 Steps

Have you ever wondered whether or not you are related to the family across town that has the same name or if your family is from another country? Wondering where you come from and who you are related to is natural. With the help of technology, now there is an easy way to start figuring it Read More

3 Crazy Things Real People Have Found in Their Family Trees

Are there any surprises in your family tree? You’ll never know until you start looking. While every discovery of a new ancestor is a surprise, some are simply amazing and stand out from your typical genealogical find. We all have so many ancestors who may have led extraordinary lives or maybe were even famous. Using Read More

Donald Trump’s Humble Family Tree

Donald Trump is a self-made business man and is currently in the running to be a candidate to be the next U.S. president. He has made a name for himself in the real estate world and is one of the wealthiest men in America. Looking at his family tree shows that hard work might just be in Read More

Solving Mystery of Young Girl Who Disappeared on Titanic

Everyone has mysteries in their family tree, from missing relatives to unexplained family relationships. DNA testing recently solved a 70-year-old question of whether Loraine Allison survived the Titanic crash. Many have wondered what happened to the two-year-old little girl who disappeared from the crash more than 100 years ago. The story begins with Hudson and Read More