Baby Name Trends: What A Difference a Century Makes

Posted by Ancestry Team on February 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

Elizabeth and William — two strong, Anglo-Saxon names. A current queen and a future king. They’re also the only two baby names to appear in the top 10 for both 1914 and 2013, a span of 100 years. For today’s American babies, traditional names like Charlotte and Benjamin are nearly as popular as more trendy… Read more

Rosie Did More Than Rivets: How World War II Changed Cheerleading’s Gender Balance

Posted by Ancestry Team on February 1, 2015 in Family History

Often the word “cheerleading” evokes images of girls in short skirts, screaming and performing spine-bending gymnastics across a football field sideline or gym floor. However, the sport we see today didn’t start out as a female-dominated activity. In fact, organized cheerleading began with all-male squads. The first documented cheerleader (formally two words: cheer leader) was… Read more

First Foodie: What Presidents Ate in the White House

Posted by Ancestry Team on January 28, 2015 in Celebrity

From a love of French cuisine to down-home barbecue, each president brings his own tastes to the White House. While not all our commanders-in-chief were epicures, they inevitably influenced our ancestors’ eating habits. Here’s a look at some presidential palates. Thomas Jefferson As minister to France, Jefferson couldn’t get enough of the cuisine in Paris.… Read more

Beyond Corleone: Italian Place Names as Surnames

Posted by Ancestry Team on January 27, 2015 in Surnames

It’s a famous scene in cinema: In “The GodfatherPart II,” 9-year-old Vito Andolini arrives at Ellis Island and, being unable to tell the clerk his name, becomes Vito Corleone, the town of origin listed on his paperwork. While the scenario of an Ellis Island clerk changing immigrant’s names on a whim isn’t historically accurate, it’s… Read more

10 Baby Boy Names That Used to Be Popular

Posted by Ancestry Team on January 22, 2015 in Family History

Names — they can be as timeless as some found in the Bible (John, David, James) or as trendy as a celebrity’s kid (North, Sparrow, Brooklyn). Every parent understands the complexity of choosing a name, because while some names never fall out of favor, others can stop being in vogue in just a few generations.… Read more

6 Facts That Prove Canada Dominated in World War I

Posted by Paul Rawlins on January 21, 2015 in Military Records

With superpowers like Britain, Germany, and France as the star players in the First World War, the role of Canada—then still a part of the British Commonwealth—is often overlooked. However, Canadians were critical players in the Allied victory in the Great War. Here are 6 facts that prove Canada was one of the great, underrated… Read more

You’ll Never Guess What the Name Disney Means

Posted by Paul Rawlins on January 14, 2015 in Surnames

People didn’t always use surnames. Think about it: if you lived on a manor with only a few families or in a village with only a few more, you didn’t need two names to keep everybody straight. Surnames came about as populations grew and both people and governments needed improved ways to differentiate between people… Read more