Past Articles

Diary of a DNA Test

My 21-year-old stepdaughter was over for Easter dinner and saw the Ancestry DNA kit on the table. “I’m so jealous,” she said, “I want to know where I come from.” I’ve been working on my family genealogy for 3 and a half decades, so, what do I want out of the DNA test? I’m like Read More

How Related Are Americans? A Surprising DNA Study

DNA testing reveals Americans are all more related than we realized. These 5 surprising facts will make you rethink your relationship to strangers: And your undiscovered relatives are not just in America! AncestryDNA test takers are finding new family members around the world every day.   One young man had an “incredible” experience, visiting his grandmother’s cousin in Ireland.     Read More

5 Things You Really Didn’t Know About Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most fascinating names in Hollywood history. And the tidbits of her life’s story have long intrigued audiences. But if you think you know everything there is to know about the most famous Marilyn in history, think again. Here are five facts about the blonde bombshell that just might surprise you. 1. Read More

The British Are Less British Than We Think

How British are the British? Seems like a brain teaser, but it’s actually a surprising fact. AncestryDNA’s new study revealed the average UK resident is only about 37% British! Let’s look at some of the unexpected findings of this study – and what it means to you if you have British heritage. What are the Brits if Read More

Donald Trump’s Ancestry: How His Immigrant Family Made It In America

Whatever you may think of real-estate mogul-turned-presidential-candidate Donald Trump’s politics, you can’t deny his many ups and downs are entertaining. As he continues to make the subject of immigration one of his talking points, his own origins tell an interesting tale of ambitious young people crossing the ocean to make something of themselves in this Read More

Charlie Chaplin’s Most Touching Film

Charlie Chaplin. The name is synonymous with the earliest Hollywood motion pictures. Everyone recognizes the mustache-sporting, bowler-wearing character that Chaplin so frequently portrayed. But fewer people associate Chaplin with a different description: that of an immigrant. Let’s take a look at Sir Charles Chaplin’s rags-to-riches life and the memorable 1917 film, The Immigrant that was inspired Read More

It’s All in the Genes: One Man Discovers Seven Famous Relatives

Television programs like “Who Do  You Think You Are?” feature famous people discovering notable ancestors. What we don’t often hear about is everyday people who connect their origins to ancestors who were famous or played a key part in history. However, one “average” man from Boston is a little more well-known now after he found Read More

What Does Your First Name Say About You?

Very often the same first names were passed down again and again throughout the generations of a single family. During much of the 1700s and 1800s, people in England and Ireland were commonly named after grandparents. And sometimes a mother’s maiden surname was passed down as a given name. First names thus provide clues into family Read More

Three Sisters Meet for the First Time Ever on a British Airways Flight

Texas native Ann Burrage wanted to find out if she had any Native American heritage. So she took an AncestryDNA test. Her discovery was shocking: She and her sister Lynn had another sibling they never knew about –  in England. The story of their reunion is one of the most unlikely family reunions ever. A World War II Story Read More

How the Ice Cream Man Became an American Icon

It’s a timeless American ritual: the distant chime of an ice cream truck, a stampede of sneakers on hot sidewalks, and sticky fingers gripping frozen treats. For a century, the ice cream man has been among the most popular faces in the neighborhood. Let’s take a look at the history of how the ice cream Read More