6 Weirdest School Clubs Your Grandparents Belonged To

There are traditional school clubs — like chess club, German club, or drama club — that you’ll find in almost every high school in the country. But there are several once-popular activities that have fallen by the wayside over the decades  – and today just seem plain weird. Hi-Y Clubs These social groups targeted middle school Read More

The Other Titanic: the Sinking of the Lusitania

Nearly everyone has heard the story of the Titanic, the infamous “unsinkable ship” that hit an iceberg and sunk into the cold North Atlantic ocean in 1912. The tale was turned into one of the highest-grossing movies of all time, and is the focus of countless documentaries and news stories about attempts to recover the Read More

How American Dollar Princesses Changed British Nobility

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Old World and the New came together in the form of “Dollar Princesses,” a phenomenon that captivated the public’s attention then and still does today. A Dollar Princess referred to an American heiress, often from newly wealthy families, who married a title-rich but cash-poor British nobleman. Read More

What Immigration Records Can Tell You About Your Family History

The United States, as many like to point out, is a nation of immigrants. For people interested in learning more about their family history, a journey over an ocean or across a river can both pose a challenge when it comes to finding ancestors and provide a rewarding source of stories about overcoming adversity. The Read More

Why Your Ancestors’ Life Expectancy Matters to You

A death in the family can be tragic, but the passing of ancestors and distant relatives can also be a rich source of information for anyone trying to understand their family history and their own place in it. The Family Facts page on Ancestry gives you another helpful starting point for your search into your Read More

Queens Native Trades Lederhosen for Kilt After DNA Test

Growing up, Kyle Merker believed he was German. His parents told him he was German when they dressed him in children’s lederhosen for his Germanic dance performances, and they told him he was German when they fed him schnitzel. For 50 years, Merker believed his ancestors were German. So imagine his surprise when a genetic test Read More

Create a Family Heritage Cookbook and Solve 3 Holiday Problems at Once

On the classic television series “The Waltons,” the elderly Baldwin sisters zealously guarded their daddy’s popular “Recipe.” What they didn’t know was that it was actually moonshine! Does your family have family recipes even close to that interesting? This holiday season, make the effort to gather your family’s cherished recipes, maybe some that have been Read More

What Goes Best With Eggnog? Family History!

We often don’t get around to asking our older relatives about their stories: their childhoods, their grandparents and great-grandparents, their memories, and their family’s traditions. We tend to assume there will always be time. But there’s no better time than now, especially with the holidays coming up. After a huge holiday ham or turkey dinner, Read More

5 Questions to Ask About Your Ancestry at Your Next Holiday Dinner

The holidays bring families together, which means there’s no better time to explore your family tree and learn more about your heritage. Your search can only improve by arming yourself with answers only relatives can provide. So after the dishes are done and you cut a slice of dessert, don’t forget to grab a notebook Read More

Holiday Reunion? 6 Ways to Get Kids Interested in Their Family Tree

One of genealogy’s greatest rewards can come from imagining your ancestors at a particular point in history. But kids might need a little help tying their present lives to the past. With the holidays coming up, households everywhere will be filled with multiple generations. It’s the perfect time to get your kids interested in their Read More