How Does An AncestryDNA Test Work?

An AncestryDNA test is simple. You order a kit, send in your saliva sample, and voila. You get an email weeks later telling you when your results are ready. Those results reveal your ethnicity estimate, people you may be related to, and new details about your unique family history. But how does an AncestryDNA test actually work? Read More

The Perfect Holiday Gift for Everyone on Your List

Finding the perfect gift can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve rounded up the hottest gifts of 2016 to make everyone on your list feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Quick tip: An AncestryDNA kit, which over 2.5 million people have used to reveal their ethnic origins, discover unknown cousins and unlock Read More

8 Most Over-the-Top Gifts in History: What to Get the Person Who Has Everything

What do you get the person who has everything this season? Is there such a thing as “too extravagant”? Not for celebs like Beyoncé, who receive gifts like a 12.5-acre island worth a cool $20 million without missing a beat. If you’ve got someone in your life, who like Queen Bey, seems to have it all, we’ve got your jaw-dropping inspiration right here. Read More

Latina Magazine Staff Reveal Their Surprising AncestryDNA Test Results

Jessica Alba. Rosario Dawson. Jennifer Lopez. Even a quick look through the pages of Latina Magazine illustrates what a diverse group Latinos truly are. And like the celebs they cover — and their 2 million readers — the Latina Magazine staff represent a vibrant mix of ethnicities. Watch as they take us behind the scenes to share Read More

Long Lost Brothers United After 85 Years

Imagine spending your entire life as an only child, then one day, 85 years later, finding out you had a brother. Unbelievable? It actually happened to Canadian Gerry Cooper and his UK-born brother Norman, now living in Florida. Their incredible story will make your day: Eighty-five years apart gives new meaning to the term long-lost brothers. The average life expectancy Read More

The Most Diverse Man in the World?

Meet Carlos, an event planner from Cuba – and possibly one of the most diverse humans on the planet. His AncestryDNA test results, revealed in front of a room of 67 strangers brought together by Momondo, proved that Carlos was more diverse than anyone – even Carlos himself – suspected. Watch his moving reaction: Before the test, he Read More

Woman Reunites with Her Birth Mother After a Lifetime Apart

Diane always knew she was adopted. She and her adopted brother grew up in a home where they were loved. Yet she always longed to know her birth mother and searched for her for years. She never dreamed it would be a DNA test that would change her life forever. This is her story. A Mexican(?) Dad and Blonde Mom Read More

How A DNA Test Solved the Mystery of Lezlie

Her whole life, Lezlie constantly faced one question from even total strangers: “What are you?” Thanks to a DNA test, she has the answer. But it’s not exactly what she expected. Here’s her story: Lezlie’s results are super interesting – and they answer a lifelong question. As she said, “It was great because it helped confirm Read More