Calvin CoolidgeAnyone who has watched Mitt Romney over the years knows that the former Massachusetts governor always had a presidential air about him. Is that a quality born or bred? It’s still hard to know for sure, but Ancestry found out that, at least in Romney’s case, he may have had a little genealogical help.

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The site’s ever-curious genealogists found that the former presidential candidate had not one, not two, but at least six former presidents in his family. He’s 10th cousins to both George H.W. Bush (once removed) and George W. Bush (twice removed); he’s also a cousin of Franklin D. Roosevelt (8th, twice removed); Calvin Coolidge (10th); Herbert Hoover (10th); and Franklin Pierce (6th, four times removed).

The line in which Romney is related to the Bushes and FDR can be traced through Anne Marbury Hutchinson, who was a well-known liberal advocate for religious autonomy and one of the first settlers of Rhode Island and Long Island. The line along which Romney is related to the other three former presidents can be traced to a 16th-century British landowner named Thomas Richardson.

Romney is one branch of a complicated family tree—he still has relatives in England, and his father, George, was born in Mexico, where his grandparents had fled to escape the United States’ laws against polygamy. That makes his lineage tougher to track down; for all you know, you may be related to Mitt Romney somehow and don’t even know it, which is why genealogy is just so darn fun.

—Joel Keller

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