Warren Buffet
[Photo credit: Aaron Friedman on Flickr]
Money and politics go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that billionaire Warren Buffett has presidential blood in his veins.

When the genealogists at Ancestry decided to trace the lineage of the “Oracle of Omaha,” they found a president in his extended family tree. And not just any president, mind you — it was the sitting president: Barack Obama.

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Their common ancestor Mareen Duvall, who is Buffett’s 6th and Obama’s 9th great-grandfather. He emigrated from France to Maryland in the 1650s and worked as an indentured servant. By 1659, he had purchased land in the state and named it “Middle Plantation.” The Ancestry genealogists found out that Duvall was “conservative in his political life” and a Jacobite.

Both men have interesting backgrounds, as anyone who has studied their histories can attest. The Ancestry folks are so fascinated by Obama, for instance, that they’ve been looking into his background since he was Illinois’ junior senator; so far, they’ve not only linked Obama to A-list actor Brad Pitt (they’re 9th cousins) but also found out that his 3rd great-grandfather emigrated to the New World from Ireland.

And in a “genealogy makes strange bedfellows” tidbit, it turns out that Obama and Buffett are both related to former vice president Dick Cheney.

Oh, and if the name “Duvall” rings a bell, then you’re on to something: Academy-Award winning actor Robert Duvall is Buffett’s 7th cousin, once removed … which means that the guy who played the Great Santini is also related to Obama. Forget six degrees of Kevin Bacon — we should play six degrees of Barack Obama!

—Joel Keller

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