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Steve Martin, Roseanne Barr, Carol Burnnet, Robin Williams, Molly Shannon, and John Belushi stared in these high school yearbook photos before they stared on screen.

Great commedians, are they born or made?

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Based on these yearbook photos, it’s hard to say. Some of these kings and queens of comedy obviously got off to an early start, while others masqueraded as honor students and athletes.

Steve Martin was president of Jason’s Jesters, a student group at Garden Grove High School that put on talent shows. He was also a candidate for coed king, whcih apparently included a henpecked Tarzan skit.
Steve Martin tarzan
Future domestic goddess and funny woman Roseanne Barr was simply biding her time at East High School in Salt Lake City before hitting the road to stardom.

Raseanne Barr


Classic comedienne Carol Burnett worked as a reporter on the school paper at Hollywood High before she hit the bright lights in the big city.

carol burnett reporter


Robin Williams apparently spent his days at Redwood High running around—on the cross-country team, the soccer team, the track team…

robin williams cross country


Maybe it was Molly Shannon’s experience as a member of the prestigious Red Key Society (at least we think it’s prestigious) at the Hawken School that turned her into a Superstar?

molly shannon


It’s no surprise to see funny man John Belushi elected Most Humorous in his class at Wheaton Community High School. He was also an all-conference football player, homecoming king, and the “illustrious Blue Fairy” in the Senior Men’s Fashion Show.

belushi most humorous

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