Captain Granville M. Pine from the ’36 Sooner yearbook

In J.J. Abrams’ eagerly-awaited film Star Trek: Into Darkness, actor Chris Pine revisits the legendary role of Captain James T. Kirk. Ancestry recently discovered that the role of “captain” has been played by members of the Pine family long before the Starship Enterprise had ever gone where no one had gone before.

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Granville Martin Pine, Chris Pine’s grandfather, was a senior at the University of Oklahoma in 1936 and was a student of the Department of Military Science program serving in the ROTC. He’s listed in the ’36 Sooner as Captain Granville M. Pine. Both Pines have that mischievous grin that definitely sets these cadets apart, whether they’re studying at Starfleet Academy or Sooner U.

Even the yearbook photo to the left of Captain Pine, a Captain Kirk Woodliff, foretells a Star Trek connection!

While Chris Pine plays the fictional Captain James T. Kirk on screen, a “real” James Tiberius Kirk appears in the Texas Birth Index on Ancestry. JTK was born in McLennan County, Texas, to Defino and Ernestine Campos in September 1968. For naming their son after the captain of the USS Enterprise, the Campos family has definitely claimed the title for 1968’s ultimate Trekkies!

By U.S. Army (Yank, the Army Weekly) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
And just to keep the cosmic coincidences going, Chris Pine’s grandmother, gorgeous movie scream queen and favorite WWII pinup Anne Gwynne, was born in…wait for it…McLennan County, Texas, in 1918. Fifty years before young James Tiberius.

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