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Have you seen the PBS show, Finding Your Roots? If you haven’t then you are missing out on how Henry Louis Gates Jr. takes each celebrity on a journey in discovering the stories of those who came before them and the connection they have to them today. You will see how traditional research and DNA can be used to help unlock the mysteries of their past and change their perspective on the future. It’s not too late to get caught up. See which celebrity is in each episode and watch all of them here.


Episode 1

In Search of My Father: Stephen King, Gloria Reuben, Courtney Vance

Episode 2

Born Champions: Derek Jeter, Billie Jean King, Rebecca Lobo

 Episode 3

American Storytellers: Ken Burns, Anderson Cooper, Anna Deavere Smith

Episode 4

Roots of Freedom: Ben Affleck, Khandi Alexander, Ben Jealous

Episode 5

The Melting Pot: Tom Colicchio, Aaron Sanchez, Ming Tsai

Episode 6

We Come From People: Angela Bassett, Valerie Jarrett, Nas

Episode 7

Our People, Our Traditions: Carole King, Tony Kushner, Alan Dershowitz

One of my favorites to watch was, ‘Roots of Freedom’.  Watching Ben Jealous discover how his 3rd great grandfather did a very brave thing to protect his family brought tears to his eyes photo 2as he realizes the impact that had on their story. Khandi discoveries truly where her roots come from and Ben Affleck finds out that he has an ancestor that fought in the Revolutionary War and is related to his friend Matt Damon. It was powerful to watch the connection that each one of them had with the stories that were shared. At the end of the episode, because each guest took a DNA test the results were revealed to show where in the world their ancestors came from. Every episode is interesting to watch as we see the guests learn more about themselves by going back into their family history and discovering the people and places that came before them.

Catch the last three episodes on PBS, Tuesday evenings. Watch how the story unfolds for each celebrity in discovering something new about their past.

Click here to get your DNA test before the DNA special episode 10 airing on Nov 25th, ‘Decoding Our Past Through DNA’.

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