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Laura Aszmann Krech, born 28 Dec 1892 in MinnesotaContributed by Bernice Salo
This is a picture of Laura Aszmann Krech. She was born 28 Dec 1892 in Minnesota. She was my father’s first cousin and married my father’s second cousin when she was nineteen. I think it is such a sweet picture. Looks like she is about sixteen here.

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Joseph and Rosa (Haider) Freisinger, around 1893Contributed by Shelley Freisinger
These are my husband’s great-grandparents, Joseph and Rosa (Haider) Freisinger. The picture was taken around 1893. Joseph emigrated from Germany, and Rosa from Bohemia, and they both settled in Iowa, around Marion. He was a pharmacist by trade.

3 thoughts on “Photo Corner

  1. It’s a joy to see these old photos. We feel almost as if we know the people in them. They’re no longer just ancestors; rather, they are people who were known, and touched — very real and special to us or others in our families. They live again through these photos. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. The photos are always a favorite of mine. I look at the clothes and the faces and feel that they could tell such stories.

  3. I am interested in e-mailing Bernice Salo regarding the photo of her father’s cousin with the violin.
    Thank you.

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