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Meishele Mozesson, at age 92Contributed by George Mason
This is a copy of a photograph, taken in 1861 in Lithuania, of my fourth great grandfather Meishele Mozesson, at age 92. He was born in 1769 (the same year as Napoleon) in the Kingdom of Poland and died in 1862.

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Gertrude (four years old) and Ella (three years old) WellhausenContributed by Cheryl Schulte
This is a photo of my grandmother and her sister taken in 1899 and which was dubbed “Dancing Darlings of Macomb County, MI.”  They are Gertrude (four years old) and Ella (three years old) Wellhausen, the daughters of George Wellhausen and Amelia (Schluessler) Wellhausen.  Gertrude later married Hugo Kolberg and died in 1973 and Ella married Elmer Schulte and died in 1989.

10 thoughts on “Photo Corner

  1. Cheryl Schulte’s grandmother and her sister are really “Darling” That is the word that comes to mind when you look at that photo. How wonderful!! George Mason’s fourth great grandfather’s picture is fantastic!!! what a treasure. Keep the photos coming. We all love to look at them!!

  2. Your photograph from Lithuania is truly inspiring. If you think what that man experienced in political, alone, not to mention personal and cultural changes, you have to be deep in respect. Thank you for sharing this image of a stalwart man. Frank

  3. I have a connection in Ireland whose Mason line originated from Poland. Poland to Ireland? I thought this to be strange. With George Mason’s picture, I see the emigration route is not strange at all. Judie Mason

  4. George, did your family bring this picture with them? I would love to find photos of my husband’s Lithuanian grandparents…they came to Chicago around 1900. What a treasure!

  5. The pic of Meishele Mozesson is fantastic. To have a pic of him that is that old, with him being at such an advanced age, is truly one of the greatest treasures your family could ever have. Thanks for sharing it!!!

  6. The Meishele Mozesson picture reminds me of a classic St. Nicholaus picture I’ve received on Christmas cards. What a wonderful picture to have in your family.

    The Wellhausen girls remind us of the timeless joy many little girls find in wearing pretty clothes.

  7. I love the picture from Lithuania… it makes me believe that Santa really does come from the North Countries!

  8. In the last two weeks the photos have become unable to be seen–just an empty box with the “unloadable icon”. Whatever you changed on this site, I hope you change back. This is a part I’ve always enjoyed.

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