Your Quick Tips, 08 January 2007

Coronado, California Newspaper Index Online
The Coronado Public Library has released its newspaper index of all Coronado, California, newspapers from the 1890s on. It is still a work in progress but many years are now indexed. It can be found on the library’s website. A small fee is charged for copying and sending articles.

Ellenjoy Weber

Life Journal
I started writing a diary when I was about thirteen and I moved on to an actual journal during my Navy time. I continued on during my first years of marriage and child-raising, but I would stop and start at different intervals through out my life. Obtaining Life Journal has been most helpful for me. Perhaps you might want to let the audience know about this, so they can type their journal.

I also send my journal out to my family and friends each week, letting them know what we have been up too since most everyone I know is across the U.S. and Canada. But my favorite part is that at the bottom of my journal I have what I call “This Week Last Year” It allows me to see what happens every week with every year. It’s great fun.

Quinn Dahlstrom

Saving E-mails and Letters
I totally agree with one of the contributors to your column about the e-mail and letters. By all means, print them out and maybe go one step further. I have filed all mine (at least fifty of them) in one folder marked “genealogy e-mails/letters” and I have filed the folder with my other genealogy folders. I have had the problem of getting new computers and have been unable to transfer all pictures from the various CDs or old floppies–the newer technology doesn’t always accept the old. For that reason, I have a hard copy of all or most of my pictures also filed in the genealogy cabinet. At least that way when I leave this world, my children won’t have a difficult time preserving what I have done (if they so desire).
Geraldine Barbeau

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  1. My mother saved my letters from college and after, with the exception of after my first child was born — until her death. I read them in batches and it’s like a diary of our family life. I hope that my children don’t just throw them out, but read them to remember details of their livea that they may have forgotten. It’s not that I was clever or particularly interesting, but that the letters will prompt memories for them.

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