11 thoughts on “Free Historical Newspaper Image Problem Fixed

  1. Please see what you can do to fix Historical Newspapers, Birth, Marriage, & Death Announcements, 1851-2003. Almost every Chicago hit I get returns “Error Processing image Request” This has been going on since it was posted, Chicago being the worst of the cities. I would get 12 hits on a search and 9 of them will return the above error.

  2. OK, now, how about reverting to the OLD way that allowed people using Macs to see the search words highllighted. You used to allow “equal Rights” for Mac users. In fact, if I search on NewspaperArchieve.com on my Mac, I get highlighted words. And since that seems to be the source of your historical Newspapers, why can’t you also allow Macs the same courtesies? I have been requesting this for several years now and keep getting the “we are working on it”.

  3. Apparently the Historical Newspapers database has NOT been fixed. I just tried it and it is the same old problem ~ “Error Processing Image Request”.

  4. Sorry but aparently the fix didn’t take. I tried to read several articles and got the message: error processing image request.

  5. 2pm pacific time

    I just tried several different sites and was able to open all and read them

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  7. Anyone having trouble viewing the Atchison Daily Globe images??? I keep getting the Error Processing Request…only on that particular newspaper! I can get the index, but not the image!

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