A Peek Inside the New Ancestry Magazine

AM_JF2007_TOC2.jpgAM_JF2007_TOC.jpgWith a little help from my friends in the Ancestry’s Editorial department, we’ve got a sneak peek inside the covers of the newly relaunched Ancestry Magazine. Click on the images to check out the table of contents.

If you’d like to subscribe to the magazine, click here.

5 thoughts on “A Peek Inside the New Ancestry Magazine

  1. Hi:
    When I click on the icons and get taken inside Ancestry magazine, there is a little stip of words and pictures along the left edge of my screen with words too small to be read by aging eyes.
    Not enticing me to subscribe!


    Ed Spaans

  2. Ed,

    [NOTE: This is the way it works in Windows. I’m unsure of what happens on a MAC.)

    When you click on the image, above, you GET an image. If the image is larger than the screen, there’s a windows setting that makes it fit into the screen, itself. If you have that on, it will make many pictures appear smaller than they actually are.

    When the image is completely downloaded and your cursor is on the picutre, a little bar of options (Save, Print, Email, open My Pictures folder) should appear in the top left corner. When this happens, a resize box with arrows pointing OUT appears in the bottom right corner of the picture. (If the actual picture fits the screen, no resize box will appear.) Click on this to expand the picture to full-size.

    You could also save the single-screen image to disk, view it with an image viewer or editor, and expand it large enough to read everything.

    Some of the print is still a little small, but these should make it much easier to read! (These techniques work on other pictures that are larger than the screen, too.)

    Remember, too, that a magazine page is normally plenty large enough to read. Check it out at your newstand or wherever else it’s sold.

    Hope this helps.

    BigDaddyBS (Bill)

  3. I tried clicking on the “click here” for subscrbing to the magazine. However, each time it takes me to Juliana’s article “Starting Fresh, Part 2 …”. I really would like to subscribe to the magazine.
    Thank you, Jennifer

  4. Will Ancestry Magazine’s new format offer its readers the same opportunity to share how they overcame a hurdle or brick wall as in the column, Case Study? Do you happen to know how to get a new copy of the publications writer’s guidelines? I imagine what’s online is outdated. The new format looks appealing.


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