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Janos Ivan Csore and Maria nee Juhasz Ivan CsoreContributed by Carol A. Brown, Rockville, Indiana
Janos Ivan Csore and Maria nee Juhasz Ivan Csore. They came here in 1904 from Mucsony, Borsod Co., Hungary with their children Maria, Julia, Jozsef, and Pal. Their son Andras, my grandfather, was already here, coming in 1899, their oldest son Janos followed in November 1910. Janos and Maria returned to Mucsony, Hungary, to die in the 1930s. Here in the United States they used the middle name of Ivan which means Evans in English. Joseph and John used Ivan and Andrew and Paul used Evans as last their last names.

Sarah Malone FergusonContributed by Irene Sylvester
This photo is of my great-grandmother, Sarah Malone Ferguson, and her daughter, Sadie Ferguson Bush. It was taken around 1900 in Elizabeth N.J.

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  1. The photographs are lovely!
    Do you even publish photographs of African American families?
    I am African American and have been a loyal subscriber to Ancestry for a number of years.
    I belong to two groups of African Americans that are also big supporters of your company.
    About a month ago I sent a detailed article, with photographs to this column.
    I never received even a reply that it was received.

    I am not expressing my concern just for me but for many members of my race who have been excluded from finding our ancestors before 1870.

    Therefore we are sensitive to the need to find representation, in your work.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  2. Dear Gail Swan, I’ll bet you missed your pictures that were in the Photo corner in the 16 October Newsletter. You had to go into the comments area for them to appear because of a glich. Everyone loved your photos and if you go into that page you will be able to read the comments. I keep all my newsletters in my email mail so that I can refer back to them. I hope you kept the newsletter and can enjoy the comments as much as everyone enjoyed your photos.

  3. Dear Ms. Irene Sylvester.

    I enjoyed your picture recently posted in the Ancestry Newsletter. I was born and raised in Elizabeth New Jersey and am printing off your picture to show my father. He still lives there with other members of my family. Good Luck in your geneaology. Maybe our family members will cross at some point in the future.

    Geralyn Whelan Rodano

  4. Actually, Gail’s pictures were in on the Oct. 16th Just click on the “Photo Corner” and scroll down to her lovely pictures!

  5. OOOPs, I meant the 15th but if you notice in the comments section, there were many people writing in that they couldn’t see the pictures. There was a ‘glitch’ that day and you could only see them online, not in some of the actual emailed newsletters.

  6. Gail, I hope you got to see your pictures. As you can see alot of us really enjoyed them. Let us know. Also let us know if you have more.

  7. Dear Mrs Sylvester,
    I’m french, 30 years old and speak english with little difficult, sorry for mistakes !
    My father is born at Mucsony, in Hungary. His name is Joszef Ivan Csore. He leave Hungary in 1956, but I know his grand father had a brother Janos Ivan csore who came out Hungary for America at beginning of XXth century… I printed photo for him, i’m sure he will be very surprise and happy to discover your family history… Because we are same family… My best wishes, and thanks for this hapiness moment…
    From France, Ivan Csore family

  8. I am the grandson of Andras Csóré from Múcsony, Hungary. He came to the United States around 1904. In 1914 or 1915 he married Irma Nagy in Munhall, Pennsylvania. He had a daughter, Ann in 1915 and also twins Erma (my mother) and Andrew in May 1917. Andrew died when he was just a few months old. Andras Csóré was injured lifting a piece of steel in the Homestead (?) mill and died a few months later from a disease he contracted in the hospital in March, 1918. He was friends in Hungary with Miklos Nahaj (americanized to Mike Nahay, died in Martins Ferry Ohio 1965) who my grandmother later married. He also was friends with the Drótos family who were my uncle’s godparents.

    I know he had a brother named János Csóré who lived in the Pittsburgh area and died during the 1940’s. János of course is the Hungarian form of John, which in Rusyn or Ruthenian- the other language commonly spoken in Múcsony at the time – would be Ivan. János and Andras Csóré appeared to have been Greek Catholics, that is, Byzantine or Uniate Catholics. I have a prayer book in Hungarian from the shrine of Our Lady of Mariapoch that belonged to János Csóré which testifies to this, as did the seal on my mom’s baptismal record.

    Unfortunately, a subsequent remarriage and a long-term hospitalization of my grandmother Irma (English: Erma Juha) completely put us out of touch with our relatives on that side before I was born in 1952.

    I would be curious to find out if I have any relatives in the United States, or Hungary, who are related to me on the Csóré side.

    I also wonder if they all identified as Magyars or as Ruthenians(also called Carpatho-Rusyns).

    By the way, I happend to lead an orchestra called Harmonia that plays Hungarian music as well as Rusyn, Slovak and other East European music.

    Thanks for the great pictures and information. Thanks also for any information you can give me about the Csóré family.

  9. Dear Ms. Irene Sylvester,

    I am researching my Malone ancestors from this area of New Jersey at around the time of your photo. I know some of them were living in Newark and Elizabeth at the turn of the century. I would be happy to share what I have with you.

    Please contact me.

    Very respectfully,

  10. Hi, I am from Mucsony myslef, and there are still people with the last name of Csore in that village:)

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