Good News for All MyFamily Site Administrators

I got the following nice news from MyFamily regarding the websites I administer and thought I’d pass it along: 

Just in time for all your family holiday photos, MyFamily has automatically increased the storage capacity of your site.  You now have TEN TIMES the storage space you previously had under your same subscription!

There is nothing you need to do and no extra cost involved.  The next time you log in you will notice a huge increase in space available for:

 10 times the photos
 10 times the news
 10 times the FUN!

So, the next time you sit down to share with your family, loosen the belt and have a second helping on us.

This is a permanent change with no increase in your subscription price.
This notice is being sent to all MyFamily site administrators only so be sure to let the rest of the family know.

Thanks for being a loyal subscriber and stayed tuned for more great features and benefits from MyFamily in the months to come.

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