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Mrs. G. G. Reeves of Ben Hill County, Ga.
Contributed by Paul Reeves
Hand-drawn sketch of Mrs. G. G. Reeves of Ben Hill County, Ga., as drawn by her son, Amos L. Reeves, who had a natural talent for drawing, which he only pursued in idle moments as a pastime. Note on back of sketch reads: “This is the way I remember Mother – A.L. Reeves.” Mrs. Reeves was my paternal grandmother.

Herbert Emory and Jessie Adella (Smith) KrugContributed by L.K. Evans, League City, Texas
Herbert Emory and Jessie Adella (Smith) Krug. They were my great-grandparents on my mother’s side of the family. Their wedding photo was taken sometime in 1895. It was taken in Watsontown, near where they lived in White Deer, Union Co., Pennsylvania, where their seven children were born. This is near Williamsport, Lycoming Co., Pennsylvania, where her father’s side of the family is from.


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  1. My paternal grandmother Rilla B. Trentham who married John Harvey Pilgrim had a sister Annie Trentham b 8 Jun 1897 d 22 Apr 1970 who married Paul Ed Reeves b 28 Sep 1899 d 3 Jul 1968. Would like to contact Paul Reeves the submitter of this photo to see if our ancestors connect. My research shows this Reeves family living in Ben Hill, Georgia.

  2. What a treasure to have a hand sketched portrait of a relative…and what good workmanship! I am envious of those who have pictures of their ancestors.

  3. This is for Paul Reeves. One of my ancestors is George Robertson Reeves. He was a Colonel in the Confederate Army & Speaker of the House in Texas before his death in 1882. He was born in Hickman County, Tennessee in 1826. Parents: William Steel & Nancy (Totty) Reeves. Could we be relatives?

  4. I really like old photos. I have several that I am planning to submit.

    The hand drawn picture looks as if it was a photo. What a talent the young person had. To bad he only did it during idle times.

  5. This is for L.K. Evans,
    My 3rd great grandmother’s name was Anna E. Krug and was born in Niedenstein, Germany on Sept.9, 1782. Her husband’s name was Johannes Lechthaler and her granddaughter’s name was Elizabeth Lechthaler. The Lechthaler side of the family all lived in the Pennsylvania and Maryland areas. Do you suppose there could be a connection to your Krugs? Thanks a lot. Donna

  6. The Krug wedding photo reminds me of one I have of my grandparents taken about April 1901 in PA. Grandfa. William is sitting and Grandmo. Ida is standing. She’s wearing a long, light-colored, belted skirt with matching jacket open to the waist, and her white blouse has ruffles from neck to waist, with ruffles also at her wrists. Her hat is high on top though crushed-crown style. Fortunately, I also have a copy of their newspaper wedding announcement.

  7. This is for L.K. Evans: I;ve sent 2 letters to a Mr. Lechthaler with an e-mail address of nib—–. but haven’t had a reply. There is very definitely a connection but I can’t seem to get back to him. Can you help? The e-mail he has for me is incorrect. Julianna does have the correct one and it’s ok to give it to you if she chooses. I hope this works. I have the Krugs back to 1500. Donna

  8. Hi!
    I am in possession of a medal presented to Annie E. Lechthaler from a Professor S. Solmson on May 5th , 1896
    This medal must have been worn proudly by Annie at one time.
    I would like to pass it on to a family member if possible,
    Would like to hear from anyone who may be linked to Annie E. Lechthaler

  9. I am looking for any information into the Lechthaler Family. Heinrich Lechthaler, Anna Kunigunde Lechthaler, and their family Maria, Martha, and Conrad lived around Peoria, IL in late 1880s; however, Conrad was enlisted to serve in the Civil War from PA. Was wondering if there was a connection to the Lechthalers from PA.


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