1851 Census of Canada

Among the large collection of databases that Ancestry.com posted last week was the 1851 Census of Canada. Canada Deluxe and World Deluxe members can now search this census or browse it by location. 

The 1851 census was the first enumeration taken after the rush of immigrants fleeing the Irish famine arrived in Canada and includes 2.3 million names. Because of this time frame it is a particularly helpful database for Canadians of Irish ancestry, and will also be of interest to Americans with Irish backgrounds. At the time, it was often cheaper to sail to Canada than to the U.S., so many Irish Americans descend from immigrants who came to the U.S. by way of Canada.

Click here to search the 1851 Canadian Census

3 thoughts on “1851 Census of Canada

  1. You have many, many mistakes in the indexing. Can you offer a corrective procedure?

    In Juliana Smith’s article in the Ancestry Newsletter, it stated that access to this database would be free until the end of November, however my access has been blocked since Nov. 17th. and all I see is an advertisement to purchase an enrollment.

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