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6 thoughts on “Ancestry’s Start a Tree Sweepstakes

  1. Would like to go to London to see East India Company Museum where my ancestral uncle, Dr. Thomas Horsfield, was the head from 1820-1859 after he explored Java with Sir Stamford Raffles. The patriarch of his family and mine was Timothy Horsfield who kept records at St. Nicholas Parish in Liverpool from 16–until 1709. He is buried in the church yard of St. George’s Church with a monument that I wish to see.

  2. Would just like to travel Virginia to check my tri-racial history. As you know african american are having trouble finding our people even in the United States.

  3. I would like to go to New England to find the parents of David Burroughs, a War of 1812 soldier. And to search for parents of Judith W. Stevens born in New Hampshire. Haven’t located anything on these ancestors–hit the wall!! Liz

  4. My many great grandfather William Learned and his son Issac were founding fathers in Woburn and Chelsford, Massachusetts. It would be great fun to research the city archieves and cemeteries for information.

  5. Hello:

    My ancestors are from Huger/St. Thomas & Denis Township. this is in Berkeley County, SC. Moncks Corner is the County Seat today. My great-great-great grandparents were Robert and Bettie Nesbit. They begat Robert(Daddy Bob)(1960-1927)who married Nancy Jenkins(1962-1947). They begat (15) fifteen children including Scipio(1886-1966), George, Alvin, Alfred, Horace, Horace, Alemore Nesbit and the girls were Christina Cakley, Josephine Smalls(d. 1973), Violet Dallas, Eliza Wigfall, etc.
    They are buried on the Quinby Bay Bridge Road in Huger, SC at the New Hope Methodist Church.
    They are buried

  6. I would like to go to Yorkshire, England. I have researched back to the 1600’s. My ancestor was a vicar in Dewsbury, England in 1642 until his death in 1655. It was during the time of Cromwell. An important lawsuit took place on Sept.29, 1653, to establish the right of the Vicar of Dewsbury to annual Easter Pensions from the parishes of Hunddersfield, Almondbury, Kirkheaton, Kirkburton and Bradford. The document established the Vicar’s ancient rights. A great number of clergy were ejected in 1643, and in 1645 when the use of Prayer Book was made penal.

    I would like to do more research in Yorkshire.

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