Weekly Planner: Learn About One New Resource

Is there a particular record that you have avoided working with because you don’t have experience with it? Land records? Tax lists? Coroners’ records? Court records? Take the bull by the horns this week and do some research into that record type and its availability in the areas you are researching. Start with a reference book, or look for an article on the subject in the Ancestry Library. Follow up with research on the websites of repositories that may hold these records and determine what records are available and how they can be accessed (e.g., snail mail requests, online and e-mail requests, interlibrary loan, etc.). Then make it happen. You’ll wonder why you ever put it off!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Planner: Learn About One New Resource

  1. Anna Nelson
    county rock island
    moline, Ill.
    died 11/30/1951
    left a will with 4 grand daughters;
    Arlene Kreiger, Mardell Johnson,Verla Steketee [ Roberson]
    and Nola Jean Lewis……
    How can I get a copy of this will?

  2. Great advice. A couple of months ago, I visited the library in my hometown and discovered city directories. I thought they were only for real cities, like NYC, but was pleasantly surprised at what I learned about my family in a small town Pop. 5,000) city directory.

  3. I “took the bull by the horns” as suggested. Requested and finally received 4 Medical Certificates of death from Province of Alberta Vital Statistics. Too bad they’re all illegible.

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