Mexican Deportation During the Great Depression

The following is from a USA Today article:

Some stories hard to get in history books
By Kasie Hunt, USA TODAY (04/05/2006)
Most high school students in the USA probably don’t know that tens of thousands of Mexican-Americans — many of them legal residents or even U.S. citizens — were forcibly sent to Mexico during the depths of the Depression. That’s because few history books even mention it.

The rest of this article is online at USA Today. I also found more information on this topic on the following sites:

Immigration: Mexican-Depression and the Struggle for Survival
(Library of Congress)

The Hispanic Experience: Perspective on the Frontier
(Houston Institute for Culture)

2 thoughts on “Mexican Deportation During the Great Depression

  1. Thanks for this interesting piece of American history. I am 71 years old and have never known of the plight of the Depression era Mexican citizens, although I was born and raised in Texas! I also was an adult woman before I learned of what happened to our Japanese Americans on the West Coast during WWII. Thank you for helping to bring this episode of our American history out of the closet so to speak.

  2. I also feel that history books only show the bad parts of the depression. Not all people were poor or starving. There were plenty of people who made money off of the stock market before it crashed. And that’s not even the reason for the depression.

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